Nissan Titans Beats Out Competitors to Win "Best Value Extreme Off-Road" Category from Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards

Nissan put in great time and effort to ensure its full-size pickup, the Titan, would be ready for tough off-road challenges. Now, the critics are taking notice. Most recently, the Titan took home the win for "Best Value Extreme Off-Road" category from the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards.

Each year, an evaluation program in Chandler, AZ puts a group of tough vehicles through their paces in an off-road environment. For 2017, the Titan faced off against competitors like the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, Ram Rebel, and Toyota 4Runner. Nissan's truck brought home the win for the second year straight.

For this competition, reviewers tested the Titan PRO-4X. The PRO-4X trim adds specialized off-raod features to the Titan for exceptional ability in the tough stuff. Bilstein shocks provide precise handling on varying surfaces. Impressive ground clearance ensures the Titan can get over many obstacles. Rugged four-wheel drive works in tandem with four-wheel ABLS to provide maximum traction at all times.

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