Why is Changing Your Oil Regularly Important?

Whether you're new to car ownership or you've been driving for years, you know that your vehicle regularly needs its oil changed. And, while many drivers from Plano to McKinney know to have their oil changed roughly every 3,000 miles, few know the benefits of regular oil changes.

Explore the top reasons to maintain a regular oil change schedule below. If you're in need of an oil change or getting your oil change schedule ready, visit our dealership near Gainesville, TX. Our team of certified auto technicians can help you get back on the road in Durant, OK, you can even save time at the dealership when you schedule your next service appointment online.

  • Optimized Performance
    Engine oil helps to keep your engine operating efficiently by lubricating the internal moving parts. Having regular oil changes keeps your engine clean, reducing engine noise and delivering smoother performance.
  • Keeps Your Engine Clean
    It would be great if our engines kept themselves sealed and never wore, but that isn't reality. Engines inevitably get dust and debris inside of them, having regular oil changes ensures that these particles are removed from your engine before they can cause big issues.
  • Increased Efficiency
    We've said it before; engine oil lubricates your engine and keeps all the internal components moving with less friction. These benefits of regular oil changes help your engine run efficiently with less resistance, giving you optimized fuel efficiency.
  • Extended Engine Life
    Engine components move very fast with a lot of friction between them that eventually causes a part to fail. You can reduce the risk of premature failure by maintaining a regular oil change schedule to ensure your engine is lubricated and cleaned throughout the year.
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